Palworld, the exciting survival game, presents players with various challenges, and surviving extreme temperatures is a crucial aspect of gameplay. Whether you’re facing the scorching heat of a volcanic area or the bone-chilling cold of the northernmost island, this guide breaks down the strategies to brave these hazardous biomes.

Hazardous Terrain in Palworld

Palworld is all about crafting, exploration, and preparation. While not every biome poses a temperature challenge, two stand out — the blistering volcanic region and the freezing northern island. Proper preparation is key, and this guide outlines various ways to protect yourself from these extreme temperatures.

If you stumble upon these challenging areas early in your adventure, remember their locations and mark the nearest Fast Travel point. Return only when you’re better prepared and leveled up.

How to Survive in Hot Areas

Venturing westward on the map leads to a harsh island filled with lava and scorching heat. To navigate these hot areas, consider the following:

  1. Heat Resistant Underwear: Equip this in your accessory slots.
  2. Night Exploration: Hot areas are cooler during the night, providing some relief.
  3. Tropical Outfit: Unlock this outfit at Technology Tier 9 by crafting cloth and flame organs.

Getting to this area early is beneficial, offering opportunities like obtaining the Jetragon near Mount Obsidian, an excellent flying mount for Boss Towers.

Heat Protection Outfits:

  • Technology Tier 9
  • Materials Needed: Cloth x3, Flame Organ x2

Heat Resistant Underwear, available for purchase or found in the world, is another option to consider.

How to Survive in Cold Areas

For the frosty northernmost island, progressing through the Technology tab unlocks different options as you advance:

  1. Hand-held Torch: Tier 1 option for generating heat.
  2. Campfire: Available at Tier 2, offering warmth within a certain radius.
  3. Cloth Outfit: Craftable at Tier 4.
  4. Tundra Outfit: Unlock at Tier 9 by crafting cloth and ice organs.

Having a Fire-type Pal in your party generates heat, and during cold nights, a campfire or Cloth Outfit with a hand-held torch is helpful. For the frozen biome, the Tundra Outfit is essential. Cold Resistant Underwear in accessory slots provides additional protection.

Item Crafting:

  • Hand-held Torch (Tier 1): Wood x2, Stone x2
  • Campfire (Tier 2): Wood x10
  • Cloth Outfit (Tier 4): Cloth x2
  • Tundra Outfit (Tier 9): Cloth x3, Ice Organ x2

Remember, you can layer and stack multiple sets of the same accessories for increased resistance levels. Palworld’s survival is all about preparation, so gear up and conquer the extremes!