Palworld, the game that surprised everyone with its mix of resource gathering, base building, automation, and monster taming, has become a sensation since its release. In this guide, we’ll delve into one of the game’s darker aspects that has been stirring up conversations – the ability to capture humans.

Can You Catch Humans in Palworld?

Released on January 19, 2024, by Pocketpair Inc., Palworld has raised eyebrows not just for being a blatant Pokemon-like game with guns but for the unsettling question it poses: Can you catch humans? The answer is a surprising yes, but it’s no walk in the park.

How to Capture Humans in Palworld

Capturing humans is no easy feat, and the process mirrors catching regular Pals but with a higher difficulty setting. First, locate the human you want to catch, lower their health without killing them, inflict a status condition if possible, and then toss a Palsphere. However, be warned, as assaulting an NPC in front of others will turn you into a wanted criminal, prompting guards to come after you. Let them kill you, respawn, retrieve your belongings, and voila – you’ve entered the human trafficking business.

Should You Catch Humans in Palworld?

While the concept of catching humans adds an interesting twist, their practical use in the game is questionable. Humans, once caught, lack the combat prowess and special skills that make Pals valuable. With only a “Punch” move and Handiwork x1, they pale in comparison to even low-level Pals. Selling them doesn’t yield significant cash either.

However, there is a practical application for human capturing – merchants. Different merchants across the map offer various items, and capturing them allows you to enjoy their wares from the comfort of your home. Although the process involves a bit of hassle, it can significantly cut down on travel time, providing a unique form of convenience in the world of Palworld. So, is it worth venturing into the realm of human capture? The answer may depend on how much you value the convenience of having your very own merchant Pal.