In the vibrant world of gaming, Pocketpair’s Palworld has emerged as a sensation, boasting an unconventional mix of base-building, combat, and exploration. However, the game now finds itself under the magnifying glass, with questions arising about its striking resemblance to Pokemon. Is Palworld simply influenced by Pokemon, or is it taking things a step too far?

A Brush with Controversy

Recent comparisons between Palworld’s character models and those of Pokemon have sparked discussions on social media and within the gaming community. A mysterious Twitter account highlighted similarities, while a VGC report brought 3D artists into the conversation, suggesting that the resemblances might be more than mere coincidence.

The Unconventional Stance on Originality

Pocketpair’s CEO, Takuro Mozibe, has taken an unorthodox approach by openly expressing that originality isn’t the studio’s primary goal. In a 2022 interview with Wired Japan, Mozibe stated, “I pick up good ideas from the world, and I don’t necessarily have to be particular about originality.” This candid admission stands out in an industry where some games closely mimic popular trends without acknowledging it.

In defense of their upcoming game, Never Grave, which shares similarities with Hollow Knight, Pocketpair’s stance remains consistent. The studio seems more concerned with creating enjoyable experiences for a broad audience, even if it means adopting popular trends in art styles.

Palworld’s Unique Identity

Despite the controversy surrounding its art style, Palworld distinguishes itself with distinct gameplay mechanics. The game places a strong emphasis on base-building and multiplayer interactions, setting it apart from Pokemon and Hollow Knight. Some players even liken Palworld more to Slime Rancher than to Pokemon, further cementing its unique identity in the gaming landscape.

In the end, the debate over Palworld’s originality adds an intriguing layer to its success story. As the gaming community continues to dissect its nuances, only time will reveal whether Palworld’s innovative gameplay prevails over any potential concerns about artistic inspiration turning into something more questionable.