In the expansive world of Palworld, where building advanced structures and creating valuable tools is key, mastering the craft of making nails can significantly level up your gameplay. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details to enhance your base-building journey.

Getting Started

As your base expands, unlocking new technologies and constructing advanced structures become crucial. The journey to sophistication kicks off around player level 10 when the Nail technology becomes accessible. This opens up possibilities for constructing advanced technologies such as the Weapon Workbench and Sphere Workbench.

Unlock & Build The Primitive Furnace

Reaching player level 10 also grants access to the Primitive Furnace from the technology tree. Constructing this essential structure requires resources like wood, stone, and flame organs. While wood and stone are readily available, flame organs might puzzle you if flame-type Pals haven’t crossed your path. Common flame Pals, like Foxsparks, can often be found near the Plateau of Beginnings. Defeat them to gather the needed resources.

How To Produce Ingots

To proceed with crafting nails, mining ore is a crucial step. Brownish-red ore blocks scattered throughout the world hold the key. Deposit the ore into the Primitive Furnace, and with the help of a flame-type Pal, you’re ready to kindle the flame. Foxsparks, with their flame organs obtained in the previous step, are a suitable choice.

Crafting one nail demands 8 ingots, so mining a significant amount of ore is inevitable. While there isn’t a technology like the Stone Pit for automated ore production, creative solutions and assistance from certain Pals, like Rushoars, can expedite the process. Craft the Rushoar Saddle, ride your captured Rushoar, and use its charge ability at ore veins for efficient ore mining.

In Palworld, mastering the art of crafting nails is not just about resources; it’s about strategy, creativity, and making the most out of your Pals. Happy crafting!