Palworld, the latest gaming sensation, has swept players off their feet with its unique blend of guns, creature collecting, and a hint of controversy with Pals being utilized for forced labor. As the game skyrockets in popularity, players find themselves immersed in a world akin to Pokemon but with a distinctive twist. This guide focuses on the crucial skills of healing and reviving your cherished Pals in this wild and unpredictable realm.

How to Heal Your Pals

In Palworld, the journey is fraught with danger, and keeping your Pals in top-notch condition is essential. As you traverse the game, your inventory will fill with an array of crafting materials. Among these, food items, such as berries, play a vital role in sustaining your Pals. Simply open your character’s inventory, choose the desired food item, and offer it to a Pal when its health is running low. Not only do these treats restore HP, but they also satisfy hunger, ensuring your Pals stay healthy and well-fed.

As you progress, acquiring the “Small Feed Bag” becomes a game-changer. This nifty item allows you to store food, automatically utilized by your character or Pals when their health or hunger levels dip. A strategic choice of starter Pal, understanding its strengths and weaknesses, can significantly reduce damage and expedite your progress. Identifying an ideal starting location adds an extra edge to your gameplay.

How to Revive Your Pals

In the heat of battle, Pals may succumb to defeat, but fear not — revival is possible. When a Pal’s HP hits rock bottom, it’s time to head to the Palbox. Placing the defeated Pal in the Palbox initiates a countdown, marking the time until your Pal is back in fighting shape. Note that this counter doesn’t tick down if you log out, so it’s advisable to continue exploring the game world until the revival process is complete.

Palworld presents a challenging landscape, but with these healing and reviving techniques, you can ensure your Pals are always ready for the next adventure. So, strap in and get ready to conquer the wild wilderness with your revived and resilient companions!