Palworld boasts an array of captivating Pals, each contributing unique abilities to enhance your camp life and combat skills. Among these, Quivern stands out, offering a significant boost to your Transporting stat at the camp, making it an invaluable addition to your Pal collection.

Quivern’s Secret Hideout

Looking for Quivern? This winged wonder isn’t your run-of-the-mill Pal, and discovering its location requires a bit of exploration. Once you’ve unveiled its whereabouts, however, adding Quivern to your roster becomes a breeze.

Quivern, a winged Pal, occupies specific locations on the map, notably in a dungeon within the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant. Beware, as this area is home to boss-level Pals capable of taking down even the most seasoned players. Exercise caution to avoid becoming their next victim.

Additionally, Quivern can be found in the Pal Sanctuary on the western side of the map. However, be warned—capturing Pals in this area is strictly forbidden. If you attempt to capture Quivern here, you’re likely to face immediate consequences, as getting caught results in a swift and hostile response.

Taming the Dragon

Quivern falls under the Dragon-type category, making it susceptible to Ground and Ice Pals. With lightning-fast movements, be prepared to dodge its attacks during the encounter. Once weakened, Quivern becomes ripe for capture.

To increase your chances of capturing Quivern, opt for higher-level Pal Spheres, such as Ultra and Legendary Spheres, as they significantly improve your success rate. In the world of Palworld, having these advanced spheres in your arsenal is key to making Quivern a valuable addition to your Pal squad.