Palworld, the thrilling survival/adventure game set on Palpagos Island, offers players a vast array of mounts to ride. From ground sprinters to majestic flyers, the game has them all. Let’s dive into the exhilarating world of Palworld and explore the top 15 fastest mounts that will have you zipping across the island with style!

Getting Started with Pals

Palworld is not just about mounts; it’s a complete experience. Here are some essential tips and tricks to kickstart your journey:

Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Embark on your Palworld adventure with these beginner-friendly tips and tricks.

Palworld Type Chart

Navigate the world of Palworld with a handy guide to all element strengths and weaknesses.

How to Level Up Fast

Gain an edge by learning the best stats to level up and discovering active and passive skills.

Eikthyrdeer – Palworld’s Best Starter Ground Mount

Meet Eikthyrdeer, your first Pal to make it onto the speedster list. Just beating other ground mounts, Eikthyrdeer is an excellent starter, easily accessible on various islands.

Blazehowl – Not the Fastest, but Still Fierce

Blazehowl, a Fire-type Pal, may not be the speediest, but it’s a solid option. Find it near the Beach of Everlasting Summer for a fiery companion.

Fenglope – Nimble Jumper for Vertical Adventures

Fenglope, a Neutral ground mount, may not win a sprint, but its double-jump ability makes it perfect for scaling tricky terrain. Find it south of Mount Obsidian or face its Alpha version at Ascetic Falls.

Direhowl – Decent Early-Game Ground Companion

Direhowl, a Neutral Pal, keeps pace with Fenglope. Choose between these two for your early and mid-game journeys, with Direhowl being slightly easier to obtain.

Univolt – Surprisingly Swift Electric Traveler

Univolt, an Electric Pal, might seem unassuming, but its Ride Sprint Speed outpaces its peers. Excellent against Water Pals, find it in the Deep Bamboo Thicket region.

Suzaku – Soaring Fire Mount for Mid-Game Excitement

Suzaku, the first flying mount on our list, offers a considerable sprint speed advantage. Hunt it down in the Sand Dunes region or breed it with Jormuntide for Suzaku Aqua.

Rayhound – Electric Speedster with a Double Jump

Rayhound, another Electric ground mount, provides a modest speed boost and a handy double jump. Discover it in the Sand Dunes region or through careful breeding.

Beakon – Electric Flight at Impressive Speeds

Beakon, an Electric flying Pal, competes with Suzaku in speed. Grind through the Deep Sand Dunes region or face it as a boss near the Deep Bamboo Thicket.

Shadowbeak – Dark Soarer with a Need for Speed

Shadowbeak, a Dark-type flying mount, matches Beakon in speed but edges ahead in run speed. Hunt for it on Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3 or breed it with Astegon and Kitsun.

Pyrin – Blaze Through with the Fastest Fire Ground Mount

Pyrin, a Fire-type ground mount, offers top-tier speed at 1300. Speed across the map, finding Pyrin naturally between Mount Obsidian and Ruined Fortress City.

Paladius – Legendary Neutral Ground Rocket

Paladius, a Neutral Pal, claims the title of second-fastest ground mount. Its triple-jump ability makes it a standout choice. Capture this legendary Pal in the far north of the Deep Sand Dunes.

Faleris – Blazing Fast Fire Flyer

Faleris, the fastest Fire-type flying mount, boasts an impressive 1400 ride sprint speed. Encounter this rarity on Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3 or breed it with Anubis and Vanwyrm.

Frostallion – Icy Elegance in Flight

Frostallion, the second-fastest flying mount, balances speed and grace. Hunt for this beauty far west of the Land of Absolute Zero or breed it with Helzephyr.

Necromus – Dark Dominator of Land Speeds

Necromus, a Dark-type ground mount, claims the second-fastest title overall. Traverse the map with ease and double jump over obstacles. Encounter this boss near Deep Sand Dunes.

Jetragon – The Ultimate Speed Demon

Jetragon, the uncontested speed king of Palworld, rules the skies with an astonishing 3300 ride sprint speed. Face this boss at Mount Obsidian for the ultimate thrill.

Conclusion: The Need for Speed in Palworld

Palworld offers a thrilling array of mounts, each with its unique charm and speed. Whether you’re cruising on the ground or soaring through the skies, these Pals will be your trusty companions on the island. Happy riding!