In the vast world of Palworld, where various Pals offer unique skills for your base, Lunaris stands out as a top pick. This elusive Pal brings a Handiwork Lvl. 3 Work Suitability, making it a must-have for crafting aficionados. Additionally, Lunaris boasts Lvl. 1 abilities in Gathering and Transporting, making it a versatile companion.

Seeking Lunaris in Sea Breeze Archipelago

For players eager to add Lunaris to their collection, the hunt begins at the Sea Breeze Archipelago, located southwest of the Windswept Islands. A Fast Travel point near this spot makes reaching Lunaris’ location convenient, but beware of the Syndicate Camp nearby. Clearing out this camp beforehand ensures a smoother encounter with Lunaris in its dungeon.

Battling and Capturing Lunaris

Entering Lunaris’ dungeon presents a challenge, as the Level 32 boss demands preparedness. Dark element Pals, such as Depresso and Killamari, prove effective against Lunaris. Employ Dark abilities and keep your Pals alive while maintaining your own health. While there’s no foolproof strategy, persistence pays off as Lunaris succumbs to defeat.

However, victory isn’t complete until Lunaris is captured. Exercise caution to avoid unintentionally depleting its health entirely. Once Lunaris reaches a capturable state, swiftly throw a Pal Sphere at it. For optimal results, consider using a Hyper Sphere or an Ultra Sphere, enhancing your chances of successfully adding Lunaris to your Pal crew. Using a regular Pal Sphere is not recommended for this unique capture.