Palworld is teeming with unique Pals, each offering distinct advantages for your camp and combat endeavors. While the standard Pals are scattered everywhere, some, like Verdash, demand extra effort to discover. With a blend of combat prowess and camp support, Verdash is a Pal you’ll definitely want by your side. Here’s your essential guide to locating and capturing this extraordinary Pal.

Where To Find Verdash

Venturing into Pal Sanctuary or tackling the Sealed Realm of the Swift? Discovering Verdash requires a keen eye and a bit of strategy.

Pal Sanctuary – Northwest Corner

The elusive Verdash roams freely in Pal Sanctuary, nestled in the northwest corner of the map. However, capturing one here is no walk in the park. The sanctuary is aptly named, and any attempts at mischief will earn you a criminal record and the pursuit of authorities. Tread carefully and be prepared for a unique experience in your quest for Verdash.

Sealed Realm of the Swift – Dungeon Boss

Alternatively, Verdash reigns as the boss in the dungeon within the Sealed Realm of the Swift, located in the middle-to-upper region of the map. Keep in mind that failure in this dungeon imposes an hour-long respawn wait. Use this time wisely, perhaps attending to other tasks while waiting for another shot at capturing Verdash.

Preparing for the Verdash Hunt

Verdash boasts impressive Level 3 Handiwork, Level 3 Gathering, Level 2 Planting, Level 2 Lumbering, and Level 2 Transporting traits. To maximize your chances of success, consider these tips:

  • Element Advantage: Verdash is weak to Fire, so bring along Fire-type Pals to exploit this vulnerability.
  • Level Consideration: Verdash is a higher-level Pal, so ensure both you and your Pals are adequately leveled to face the challenge.
  • Sphere Selection: Equip Ultra Spheres or Legendary Spheres for the encounter, as lower-tier spheres won’t be sufficient.

Embark on the Verdash journey with confidence, and add this exceptional Pal to your collection for a formidable ally in Palworld!