Pals are more than just creatures in Palworld; they’re your companions for combat, transportation, and base development. While capturing Pals in the wild is a common approach, the option to buy and sell them is a luxury many players overlook.

Unlocking the Pal Market

Buying and selling Pals adds a dynamic layer to Palworld, where these creatures can be more than just wild captures. Some Pals are rare and hard to find, making the purchasing option an attractive alternative. Additionally, monetizing unwanted Pals for Gold Coins can be a lucrative strategy.

Navigating the Pal Market

To engage in buying and selling, head to the Pal Merchants scattered across the Palpagos Islands. Settlements, such as the one at the Small Settlement fast travel point (starting at the Plateau Of Beginnings), host these merchants. Pal Merchants offer a changing stock of various Pals each day. Interact with them, check their offerings, and use your Gold Coins to secure the Pals you desire.

Dealings with the Black Marketeer

For those seeking rarer Pals, the elusive Black Marketeer is an option. While offering unique Pals, finding this merchant might pose a challenge. Despite the difficulty, the Black Marketeer can open up opportunities for acquiring and selling Pals beyond the ordinary.