In the vast and captivating world of Palworld, resource gathering is key to crafting essential items. However, some materials can be elusive. Fear not, fellow adventurers! Merchants scattered across different regions are your ticket to acquiring the items you urgently need. Let’s embark on a journey to unveil the locations of these indispensable traders.

Merchant Types in Palworld

In Palworld, merchants come in two distinct types, each offering unique wares. Wandering Merchants carry a diverse range of supplies, from medicine to schematics. On the other hand, Pal Merchants deal in Pals, allowing you to both buy and sell these valuable companions. Keep your eyes peeled for these traders in settlements or as they wander through the various regions.

Discovering Merchant Locations

Tracking down these merchants can be an adventure in itself. Here are some notable locations where merchants have set up shop:

1. Forgotten Island:

  • Coordinates: -400, 20
  • Merchants: Wandering and Pal Merchants with a variety of goods.

2. Duneshelter:

  • Coordinates: 359, 349
  • Merchants: Two Wandering Merchants and one Pal Merchant offering diverse items.

3. Fisherman’s Point in Mount Obsidian:

  • Coordinates: -478, -738
  • Merchants: Two traders on opposite sides of the dock with distinct inventories.

4. Small Settlement near Plateau of Beginnings:

  • Coordinates: 88, -489
  • Merchants: Wandering Merchant with schematics, seeds, and more.

5. Marsh Island Church Ruins:

  • Coordinates: 435, -273
  • Merchants: Pals available for purchase from Pal Merchant and various supplies from others.

Dealing with Merchants and More

In your pursuit of survival, remember that attacking merchants is an option. However, be prepared for a fight, as these skilled traders will defend themselves. The rewards, in the form of gold, can be substantial, but it comes at the cost of potential hostility from other nearby merchants. Fortunately, merchants respawn the next day with no memory of previous altercations.

Conclusion: As you navigate through Palworld, the locations of these merchants will prove invaluable. Keep this guide handy for quick access to the gear, items, and Pals you need to thrive in this enchanting universe. Happy exploring, and may your Palworld adventures be filled with exciting discoveries!