Palworld, the fantastical universe filled with adorable pals, offers players the chance to soar the skies on the powerful Vanwyrms. If you’re struggling to locate these impressive flying mounts, worry not! Here’s your guide to finding the elusive Vanwyrms and making them an invaluable part of your Palworld journey.

Where To Find Vanwyrms

Vanwyrms, the second flying mount in Palworld, can be discovered in the southwest section of the map. While their primary habitat centers around the volcano in that region, a lesser-known cluster of Vanwyrms is nestled near the Ravine Entrance fast travel statue. Keep your eyes on the sky, and you’ll spot these majestic creatures soaring in the clouds.

Fastest Way To Get A Vanwyrm

For those eager to add Vanwyrms to their lineup swiftly, the Ravine Entrance is the key. These creatures frequent the skies around this area, making it an ideal hunting ground. Armed with a bow or another ranged weapon, head west from the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate. Navigate through the terrain, leaving the road around coordinates 13, -429, and climb onto a ramp. Traverse a large open field until you reach the Ravine Entrance fast travel point, where the Vanwyrms await your discovery.

Best Vanwyrm Skills

Vanwyrms come with unique skills that can enhance your Palworld experience. When seeking the ideal Vanwyrm companion, focus on those with Nimble, Runner, or Swift passive skills. These abilities boost movement speed by 30%, 20%, and 10%, respectively, making them efficient workers on your farm and excellent travel mounts. The real trick lies in finding Vanwyrms with these skills, as breeding them together can create an even more exceptional flying companion.

In the bustling world of Palworld, mastering the skies with Vanwyrms is a game-changer. Use this guide to pinpoint their locations, swiftly recruit them to your team, and enhance their skills for an unparalleled aerial adventure. Happy hunting!