The realm of Palworld beckons players with its intricate landscapes, offering a diverse experience of capturing powerful Pals and uncovering hidden treasures. Among the myriad features, securing Pals stands out as a primary focus. While conventional methods involve capturing these critters in the wild, a handful of vendors offer sought-after Pals. Enter the Black Marketeer, a unique vendor with a stash of impressive Pals to enhance your team.

Where to Find the Sneaky Black Marketeer

In the expansive world of Palworld, the Black Marketeer is a somewhat elusive character, scattered across various locations. This vendor stands out by selling premium Pals, providing a reliable source for acquiring potent allies. The Black Marketeer’s inventory refreshes periodically, ensuring a dynamic selection of Pals. Keep in mind that while this vendor buys Pals from you, the offered prices may not be exorbitant.

The nearest Black Marketeer to the Plateau of Beginnings sets up shop just west of the Desolate Church fast travel point. Seek out the Abandoned Mineshaft at the mountainside opening to find this elusive vendor. Alternatively, as you progress through the game, you’ll encounter various Black Marketeers in both fixed and random locations scattered across the Palpagos Islands.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to bring the Black Marketeer to your base, consider capturing him in your Pal Sphere. However, be warned – engaging in combat with this elusive figure can prove to be quite a challenge. So, tread carefully as you embark on the quest to discover the whereabouts of the mysterious Black Marketeer in Palworld!