In the vast world of Palworld, some Pals aren’t just powerhouses; they’re also a sight to behold. Astegon falls into this exclusive category. Beyond its impressive appearance, this Dark Dragon Pal brings a ton of firepower and utility to your camp. Getting your hands on Astegon might take some effort, but the rewards are well worth it.

Astegon’s Hideouts: A Sneak Peek

Astegon isn’t the easiest Pal to spot, but we’ve got the lowdown on where you can catch a glimpse of this majestic creature. Two primary locations stand out. The first is within one of the game’s Pal Sanctuaries, specifically the third one. However, be warned – attempting to nab a Pal within a sanctuary is a risky move. Guards are on high alert, and trying to capture one will trigger an all-out chase.

The second spot is the Destroyed Mineshaft, nestled in the southwest area known as volcanic Mount Obsidian. Begin your journey from the Mount Obsidian Fast Travel point, and you’ll find the entrance to this dungeon nearby. But remember, preparation is key before taking on Astegon in this challenging dungeon.

Astegon’s Weakness: Ice Pals to the Rescue

Astegon, being a Dark Dragon type, has its vulnerabilities. Arm yourself with Ice Pals like Cryolinx or Chillet to deal the most damage. Strategize by sending your Pal into the fray, providing a distraction while you rain down shots with your trusty guns. Utilize the arena’s natural cover, and when needed, dodge behind obstacles for reloading. With the right approach, you’ll have Astegon in your Pal collection in no time.