Palworld is an expansive gaming universe offering players a plethora of features to dive into. Crafting guns, engaging in combat, and conquering Boss Towers are just a few of the thrilling activities players can indulge in. To thrive in this world, players must craft and level up, building bases filled with various Pals, some of which are rarer than others.

Getting Started with Palworld

As players progress through the game’s Technology tab by leveling up, they’ll encounter a variety of tools, including the Grappling Gun and the Meat Cleaver. The game features different Tiers, each offering better rewards, such as the coveted Polymer.

Where to Find Polymer in Palworld

Polymer isn’t readily available early in the game; players must invest Technology Points to unlock it. This valuable material is tucked away in Tier 33 of the Technology tab. To start producing Polymer, players need to have a Production Assembly Line from Tier 28 and a Power Generator from Tier 26.

Crafting the Production Assembly Line and Power Generator

Constructing the Production Assembly Line demands 100 Ingots, 50 Wood, 20 Nails, and 10 Cement. Meanwhile, the Power Generator requires 50 Ingots and 20 Electric Organs. To gather the necessary resources, players must explore Ore Deposits for Ingots. Once these structures are in place, obtaining Polymer becomes more straightforward.

Extracting High-Quality Pal Oil

After setting up the Production Assembly Line and Power Generator, players need 2 High-Quality Pal Oil to produce 1 Polymer. Acquiring this oil involves capturing or defeating Digtoises and Dumuds, both found in the desert area to the east.

Conclusion: While the journey to obtain Polymer in Palworld may seem challenging, players equipped with the right knowledge and resources can master the art of crafting this elusive material. As you explore the vast landscape and conquer challenges, Polymer will become a crucial component in your quest for dominance in Palworld.