Palworld, the vibrant universe teeming with unique Pals, invites you to discover the elusive Beegarde and Elizabee. These two creatures stand out as versatile allies, capable of excelling in various roles. Let’s embark on a journey to locate these Grass-type Pals on the Palpagos Islands.

The Dynamic Duo: Beegarde and Elizabee

In Palworld, diversity reigns, offering a plethora of Pals with distinct characteristics. From soaring mounts like Vanwyrm to nocturnal wonders like the Tombat, each Pal brings something special to the table. Yet, Beegarde and Elizabee steal the spotlight, showcasing a remarkable ability to handle a multitude of tasks, making them the ultimate all-around companions.

Discovering Beegarde’s Domain

Beegardes, formidable Grass-type Pals, inhabit the Mossandra Forest region of Palpagos Islands. Fast travel points such as Mossandra Forest and Sealed Realm of the Swift are prime locations to encounter them. Beware, Beegardes rarely roam alone and are known for their hostile nature. Arm yourself with a sturdy Pal to face these challenges.

Aside from their danger factor, capturing or defeating Beegardes proves rewarding as they drop valuable Honey. Moreover, Beegardes shine as diligent workers, excelling in various professions, including Medicine Production. Their versatility makes them invaluable contributors to your base’s progress.

Beegarde Stats:

  • Special Skill: Worker Bee (Occasionally drops Honey, boosts Elizabee’s stats in a Party)
  • Work Suitability: Planting, Handiwork, Lumbering, Medicine Production, Transporting, Gathering, Farming
  • Possible Drops: Honey

Navigating Elizabee’s Territory

Elizabees, though slightly more elusive, share the Mossandra Forest as their habitat. Like Beegardes, Elizabees are fierce adversaries and often patrol the region accompanied by Beegardes. Disturbing an Elizabee may provoke nearby Beegardes, complicating your capture attempts.

Similar to Beegardes, Elizabees showcase remarkable versatility in the workforce and excel in combat. When grouped with one or more Beegardes, Elizabee receives a stat boost, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Elizabee Stats:

  • Special Skill: Queen Bee Command (Stat boost when in a Party with Beegarde)
  • Work Suitability: Planting, Handiwork, Lumbering, Medicine Production, Transporting, Gathering
  • Possible Drops: Honey

Embark on your Palworld adventure, seeking out the dynamic Beegarde and Elizabee duo. These Grass-type wonders not only make formidable allies but also add a touch of versatility to your base’s workforce. Explore, capture, and let the Pal adventures unfold!