If you’re on the lookout for the perfect Pals to amp up your Palworld base, you’ve landed in the right spot!

Best Pal For Each Work Suitability

Palworld, released on January 19, 2024, by Pocketpair Inc., offers more than just a monster-taming and gun-crafting experience. With its diverse elements, the game caters to everyone’s interests, combining combat, survival, and crafting into an engaging mix.

Getting Started

To kick things off, choose a prime location for your base and set up the essential base elements. The next step? Recruit some Pals! Each Pal excels in specific tasks, with some possessing multiple Work Suitabilities, making them versatile additions to your team.

Best Work Suitability Pals

If you’re already familiar with Work Suitabilities, it’s time to identify the cream of the crop among Pals for each task. While there are currently no Lv4 Gathering or Medical Production Pals available, there’s hope with the game’s Breeding mechanics, especially Frostallion Noct. But, watch out for that Lv 3 Gathering Pal – it might just be the multitasking hero you need during the midgame.

Best Skill

Pal NameWork Suitabilities
Jormuntide IgnisKindling Lv 4
JormuntideWatering Lv 4
LyleenPlanting Lv 4, Handiwork Lv 3, Medicine Production Lv 3, Gathering Lv 2
OrserkGenerating Electricity Lv 4, Transporting Lv 3, Handiwork Lv 2
AnubisHandiwork Lv 4, Mining Lv 3, Transporting Lv 2
Frostallion NoctGathering Lv 4
VerdashGathering Lv 3, Handiwork Lv 3, Planting Lv 2, Lumbering Lv 2, Transporting Lv 2
WumpoTransport Lv 4, Lumbering Lv 3, Handiwork Lv 2
Wumpo BotanTransport Lv 4, Lumbering Lv 3, Handiwork Lv 2, Planting Lv 1
AstegonMining Lv 4, Handiwork Lv 1
FrostallionCooling Lv 4

What Each Work Suitability Does

Understanding each Work Suitability is crucial for efficient base management. Pals with Kindling excel at tasks involving fire, while Watering Pals tend to your plantation. Planting Pals set the stage for your crops, and Electricity-generating Pals power up your base. Handiwork Pals are your go-to for construction, while Gathering Pals collect harvested food. Lumbering, Mining, Medicine Production, Cooling, and Transporting each serve a unique purpose in keeping your base running smoothly.


Don’t confuse Farming with Plantations; this Work Suitability is dedicated to Ranches, allowing you to farm special resources from captured Pals without venturing out yourself.

Whether you’re an experienced Palworld player or just starting, this guide will help you optimize your team for the best work suitability Pals, ensuring your base runs like a well-oiled machine. So, get ready to dominate Palworld with your ultimate Pal lineup!