Palworld is a wild mix of Pokemon-like creature collecting and the action-packed gunplay reminiscent of Call of Duty. To thrive in this peculiar universe, you need more than just an army of Pals; you need a solid arsenal of guns. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock guns and unleash the firepower to survive and dominate.

Unlocking Guns: A Level 20 Milestone

So, you’re itching to get your hands on some firearms in Palworld? Hold your horses! Unlike the game’s constant gun advertisements, you won’t stumble upon guns lying around early on. The truth is, you won’t unlock the ability to use guns until you hit Level 20. It’s a bit of a grind, but trust us, it’s worth it.

Fast-Track to Level 20

To expedite your journey to Level 20, consider tweaking the difficulty sliders to the lowest setting. This makes tasks easier, ensuring a quicker climb up the experience ladder. Additionally, stock up on Palspheres (think Pokeballs) and go on a capturing spree. This not only brings in the most experience but is also a relatively quick process. It won’t be long before you’re unlocking the potential for powerful ranged combat.

Crafting Your Arsenal: The Weapons Workbench

Once you hit Level 20, the game rewards you with the ability to craft the Weapons Workbench. This marvelous creation opens the door to crafting a variety of weapons for your character. However, crafting isn’t a walk in the park; each gun requires specific ingredients.

Ingredients for the Weapons Workbench:

  • 15 Ingot
  • 50 Wood
  • 10 Nails

Assemble these ingredients, craft the Weapons Workbench, and voil√†! You’re ready to build an array of weapons, essential for taking on the game’s formidable bosses and foes.

Pals Armed and Dangerous

While you’re grinding your way to Level 20, don’t fret about being defenseless. Your Pals can wield weapons sooner than you, and you can equip yourself with spears, swords, clubs, and more. However, unlocking guns elevates your combat game, providing a potent ranged advantage without having to get up close and personal.


Reaching Level 20 in Palworld is your ticket to unlocking a world of firepower. Craft your Weapons Workbench, gather the necessary ingredients, and watch as your arsenal grows. Whether you’re facing off against bosses or dealing with pesky foes, having a diverse selection of guns at your disposal will ensure you’re always one step ahead in this quirky, gun-toting universe.