In the vast and captivating realm of Palworld, where over 70 types of Pals roam freely, each region and dungeon holds an array of captivating creatures waiting to be captured. While many Pals can be found wandering around, there’s a unique and sought-after treasure in the form of Huge Dragon Eggs, and this guide is your ticket to discovering their locations and unlocking their potential.

What Are Huge Dragon Eggs?

Encountering a Huge Dragon Egg in Palworld is like stumbling upon a hidden gem. These eggs boast a striking black and purple zigzag design, housing the potential for a formidable Dragon Pal within. Although the incubation time varies, the reward is worth the wait as these eggs often hatch into the majestic Jormuntide Ignis. These rare eggs spawn randomly, adding an element of excitement to your egg-hunting adventures.

Huge Dragon Egg Locations

To embark on your quest for these elusive eggs, head to higher altitudes like mountains, stone peaks, or cliff sides. While the eggs spawn randomly, certain locations have proven to be more promising. Consider exploring the snowy mountains to the north or the enchanting Mount Obsidian to the southwest, where Huge Dragon Eggs have been spotted near the Ruined Fortress City and along the beach of Fisherman’s Point.

Remember to travel light to maximize your egg-hunting efficiency and, if possible, increase your weight capacity. As you explore the area, keep an eye out for purple eggs standing out from the cliffs; they might just be the elusive Huge Dragon Eggs you’re after. To speed up incubation, ensure the egg is comfortable in the incubator, making your journey all the more rewarding.

Navigating Mount Obsidian for Huge Dragon Eggs

Mount Obsidian, in particular, is a hotspot for Huge Dragon Eggs. The climbing might be intense, and the enemies tougher, but the payoff is immense. Opt for a flying Pal like Nitewing to navigate the area with precision and efficiency. Beware of higher-level enemies further inland, and utilize fast travel statues strategically. If your first attempt doesn’t yield results, Fisherman’s Point, with its frequent Huge Dragon Egg sightings, is a prime spot to start your egg-hunting journey.

Embark on this exhilarating quest, explore the breathtaking landscapes, and let the allure of Huge Dragon Eggs add a thrilling twist to your Palworld adventure. Uncover the power within these rare eggs and watch as Jormuntide Ignis emerges to join your growing roster of formidable Pals. Happy hunting!