Hey there, gamers! Slug Disco Studios, alongside the talented solo developer Máté Mészáros, just spilled the beans on their latest creation – the vibrant and cozy city-builder game, Green Again.

A Botched Terraforming Tale

Picture this: a colorful sci-fi world bursting with life, home to adorable tiny plant folks known as Sproutlings. All is well until they decide to play Mother Nature and introduce artificial intelligence into the mix for some terraforming fun. Spoiler alert: it goes south real quick. The once-green planet is now a barren wasteland, thanks to malfunctioning robots running amok. The Sproutlings are in a pickle, and they need your help to fix their green home.

Building, Defending, and Bringing Back the Green

Green Again throws you into the thick of it, tasking you with building settlements, clearing terrain, and defending your farms from rogue robots. Brace yourself for exploring procedurally generated maps, shrouded in mystery until you unveil them. Your mission? Turn the wasteland into a lush paradise, eliminate ruins and industrial eyesores, and make the Sproutlings happy and well-fed.

To ace this game, you’ll need to collect resources, strategically place farms and other structures, and dive into researching advanced technologies and upgrades. And the cherry on top? The game is set to hit Steam on PC in the fourth quarter of this year. Get ready to embark on an adventure to make Green Again!