Indie game enthusiasts, get ready to dive into the action-packed world of Children of the Sun, a third-person shooter that’s about to unleash its sniper fury on PC. Published by Devolver Digital and crafted by the talented solo developer René Rother, this atmospheric game promises a unique gaming experience.

A Sniper’s Tale Unfolds

In Children of the Sun, players step into the shoes of a sharpshooter known as THE GIRL, navigating a world where sniping, stealth, and puzzle-solving skills are the keys to success. The game’s intriguing narrative revolves around confronting the sinister forces of THE CULT while relentlessly pursuing the elusive nemesis, the mysterious LEADER.

Engage in a thrilling one-bullet-per-level challenge, where every shot counts. But fear not, as this solitary projectile possesses remarkable versatility. It can be redirected on impact, skillfully maneuvered around obstacles, and employed to break through armor, showcasing gravity-defying ballistic prowess that adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Replayable Mayhem with a Dash of Precision

Children of the Sun doesn’t just offer a gripping storyline; it’s a game designed for lethal replayability. With a competitive leaderboard and scoring system, players are encouraged to tackle each level with ruthless timing and awe-inspiring precision. Brace yourselves for an exhilarating journey of revenge, set to kick off on PC later this year. For those eager to get a taste of the action, a demo version featuring seven stages is already available on Steam. Get ready to unleash your sniper skills and take on the challenges that await in Children of the Sun!