Stray Fawn, the cool indie crew that brought you The Wandering Village, is back with a bang! They just spilled the beans on their latest game, and it’s called Floatsam. Brace yourself for a wild ride in a city built on water, and trust me, it’s no ordinary city—it’s a garbage city!

Riding the Indie Wave: Stray Fawn’s Publishing Journey

So, here’s the scoop: Stray Fawn hit the indie publishing scene in March 2023, rocking it with Earth of Oryn, a medieval kingdom-building masterpiece. Airborne Empire followed in June 2023, and guess what? Both games scored a whopping 50,000 Steam wishlists! Now, with Flotsam in the pipeline, Stray Fawn is doubling down on their love for city-building adventures. Hold on tight, folks, because this is just the beginning.

Floatsam: A Trashy Tale of Survival and City-Building

Imagine this: a city afloat on water, surrounded by garbage. That’s Floatsam for you—a survival game like no other. Pajama Llama, the brilliant minds behind this Belgian gem, have partnered up with Stray Fawn to bring you an epic experience.

Floatsam, originally launched in early access back in September 2019, has been a labor of love, growing and evolving with the help of player feedback. Thanks to the collaboration with Stray Fawn, you can expect even more goodness. Picture this: controller support, fresh content, a tutorial that’s actually helpful, and the grand finale to the story everyone’s been waiting for. Version 1.0 is set to hit the gaming scene this summer, and trust me, it’s going to make waves.

But what’s Floatsam all about? Well, it’s not your average city-builder—it’s a survival game where you guide a group of drifters floating on a mobile city through a polluted ocean. Your mission? Keep ’em alive by recycling garbage, desalinizing water, and building shelter. Oh, and did I mention the eco-friendly angle? Yeah, it’s a big deal here. Manage your energy wisely, whether it’s through fossil fuels or sustainable generators, as you navigate through different biomes and landmarks. Get ready for a dynamic, ever-changing world that’ll keep you hooked.

For all the juicy details, check out Floatsam on Steam. The adventure awaits!