Soulmask, the open-world sandbox survival game, is set to unleash its demo at Steam Next Fest on February 5th. Let’s take a sneak peek into the captivating features that make Soulmask a game-changer in the survival genre.

Embark on a Primitive Odyssey

Soulmask throws you into a vibrant primitive world, teeming with ancient tribes, mystic rituals, and enigmatic civilizations, accompanied by a treasure trove of ancient relics. It’s not just about survival; Soulmask elevates the game by introducing a unique tribe system, allowing players to start from scratch, build their tribe, and fend off formidable enemies.

Build Your Tribe, Live Your Story

Recruit wild NPCs and shape your tribe with intelligent AI pathfinding and customizable tasks. Watch your tribe members go about their daily routines, indulge in pastimes, and showcase diverse personalities, creating a dynamic and lively tribal community.

Master Primitive Combat

Experience a realistic primitive combat system with eight weapon categories and over 50 combat skills. Choose your weapons strategically and target specific body parts for attacks when facing a variety of opponents, including challenging bosses. Soulmask ensures that every battle is a thoughtful and engaging experience.

Unveiling the Mask Magic

At the heart of Soulmask lies a unique feature—the masks. Collect and expand your mask collection, each with distinct shapes and functions. These masks not only define the essence of the game but also enhance the thrill of exploring the expansive world Soulmask has to offer.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the primitive wonders of Soulmask, set to launch on PC via Steam later this year. It’s not just a game; it’s a journey into the heart of survival and adventure!