A viral ringtone known as “Toothless” has recently captivated the attention of many people. However, few know that the origin of this heart-stealing ringtone lies in one of the songs from the world of gaming, specifically a track extracted from the original soundtrack (OST) of Driftveil City.

OST Driftveil City: The Melody that Became a Legend

Driftveil City, a part of the Pokémon universe, holds its own allure in its music. The energetic and cheerful melody creates the perfect atmosphere for Pokémon players’ adventures. What now sparks conversations is a specific section of the OST dubbed “Toothless.”

This melody is extracted from the song titled “Welcome to Driftveil City,” crafted by Junichi Masuda, a renowned composer celebrated for composing various music pieces for the Pokémon series. The tune initially plays as players explore this fictional city in the Pokémon Black and White games.

Transformation into a Viral Ringtone

The distinctive melody of Driftveil City, particularly in “Toothless,” makes it an ideal ringtone that catches attention. When this ringtone was discovered and uploaded by a mobile user on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, the wave of virality was inevitable.

Social media users swiftly disseminated “Toothless,” setting this melody as their mobile ringtone. The infectious nature of the catchy and retro-themed melody intrigued many, drawing them into the trend.

The Toothless Phenomenon in the Digital Realm

Beyond being a mobile ringtone, “Toothless” also serves as the backdrop for various creative content in the digital realm. Some social media users incorporate it as background music in their videos, while others create remixes or covers of this melody. The success of this song transcends the realm of gaming, becoming a part of popular culture on a broader scale.

The success of “Toothless” lies in the combination of its cheerful melody and simplicity, making it easily memorable. The transformation from the Driftveil City OST into a viral ringtone showcases how unexpected elements in the digital world can create extraordinary trends.

Society Responds to Toothless

Since the advent of the “Toothless” ringtone, the Pokémon fan community and gaming music enthusiasts have responded positively. Many express that this trend brings them back to memories of their Pokémon adventures in Driftveil City, while others appreciate the creativity of social media users in leveraging a familiar melody.

In recent weeks, music streaming platforms have also noted an increase in the number of listeners for the song “Welcome to Driftveil City” from the Pokémon OST. Through this trend, the song has regained the spotlight, proving that gaming music can have a lasting and global impact.


In a continuously evolving digital world, trends like “Toothless” show that surprises can come from anywhere, even from melodies we recognize from games. Through the power of social media, a melody from the Pokémon OST has become a warm topic globally. So, if you hear the sound of “Toothless” emanating from someone’s phone, remember that behind that ringtone is a lengthy story from Driftveil City that has now become a digital phenomenon.