Developer and Publisher: Grizzly Games
Platforms: PC
Genre: Tower-defense
Release Date: August 2, 2023
Starting Price: 6.89 €
Reviewed Version: PC

Defend Your Kingdom with Style

Let’s dive into Thronefall, a game that brings a unique twist to the Tower Defense genre. Starting off in Early Access, it might lack extensive content, but it makes up for it with beautiful minimalist graphics and a promising medieval fantasy world.

The game offers a tutorial to get you started. Prepare your defense during the day and fight off hordes of enemies at night. With 14 waves of different enemies per level, including regular people, flying creatures, and siege machines, Thronefall keeps you on your toes.

Managing money is crucial. Obtained through farms, housing, castles, and enemies, money is the lifeline for building and upgrading. Build watchtowers, barracks, and walls for defense, choosing from various soldiers, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.

The King, The Weapons, and The Strategy

Playing as a king with a horse, you engage enemies with bow and arrow, spear, sword, and magic. The king possesses a special skill depending on the weapon equipped, adding strategic depth. While the normal gameplay is manageable, opting for different difficulty levels (mutators) can provide both a challenge and increased rewards.

Despite its ease, balancing upgrades for the king and towers becomes a strategic choice. The game could benefit from more interactive elements in levels to reduce repetitiveness. Additionally, a lack of randomization in enemy locations could add unpredictability to replays.

A Path to Improvement

While the game has room to grow, it already holds promise. Enhancements like more bosses, diversified perks, and upgraded buildings could add depth. The developers, actively working on improvements, recently introduced the Endless mode, showcasing their commitment to evolving the game.

In its current state, Thronefall is simple, addictive, and creative. As it continues to develop, with the potential addition of a cooperative game mode, Thronefall could secure a lasting spot in the hearts of gamers. Keep an eye on this evolving tower defense gem.