Get ready for some zombie-slaying action as the all-directional shooter game, “Maid of the Dead,” hits Nintendo Switch on February 15 and is set to invade PC via Steam this spring. Developed by studio qureate, this game promises a thrilling experience as you take control of maids armed to the teeth, determined to restore peace in the chaos-infested city of Akiba.

A Battle for Survival in Akiba

The once vibrant city of Akiba faces an unexpected crisis as a sudden virus turns its inhabitants into flesh-hungry zombies. In a bid to save her friend Rinka and any other survivors, Nagisa Hihara discovers a potential solution within her own blood—a special antibody capable of combating the virus. Armed with newfound hope, she gears up for a battle to reclaim the city.

Dive into the Action with Unique Characters

In “Maid of the Dead,” you can step into the shoes of six different characters, each with their own distinct abilities. The announced characters include Nagisa Hihara, Rinka Kazane, Arisa Hikami, Kanon Mikagami, and two mysterious new additions, each brought to life with their own voice talents.

Venture through levels filled with relentless zombie hordes, and as you progress, unlock random skills such as firing missiles and controlling flying drones. With each level, choose from four options to either acquire new weapons or strengthen existing ones. Keep an eye on your gauges, as when they’re full, unleash the ultimate attacks unique to each maid.

But the battle doesn’t end there – don’t forget to administer the cure to any infected or incapacitated maids. The effectiveness of the cure is in your hands, so shake that medicine vigorously and give it your all.

Gear up, grab your weapons, and prepare for a zombie-infested adventure like never before in “Maid of the Dead” on PC and Nintendo Switch!