Indie game creator Vincent Lade is back with some fresh updates on his spine-chilling creation, Jawbreaker. This survival horror game is all set to plunge you into a nail-biting first-person adventure, urging you to navigate through a society on the brink of collapse – where hiding and fighting are your only tickets to survival.

Survival in the Aftermath

Picture this: the year is 2028, and the world has been sucker-punched by an economic meltdown of epic proportions. Now, it’s every person for themselves. Average Joes are forced into armed factions, waging war over resources and control of the once-thriving cities and towns of the United States. You find yourself in a small gang holed up in New Citadel City, desperately scraping by as the supplies in your bunker dwindle away.

Outsmart the Faceless Threat

Jawbreaker isn’t your typical walk in the park; it’s a survival game where an unidentified gang is hot on your trail, and you’ve got to think on your feet. Run, hide, or take out anyone standing between you and safety. Your mission: scavenge for supplies and plot your escape. But, beware, as when the sun sets, a whole new level of danger emerges. Weapons can be a game-changer, but make a ruckus, and you might as well paint a target on your back. Sneak under tables, hide in cabinets – stealth is your greatest ally here. With multiple endings awaiting, your knack for survival and mastery of the art of concealment will be the keys to your triumph.

Jawbreaker is gearing up for a March release on PC through Steam and Epic Games, so get ready to immerse yourself in a dystopian nightmare that will keep you on the edge of your seat.