Blue Brain Games, the creative minds behind The House of Da Vinci, invites us to step into the shoes of the legendary inventor himself in their latest creation, The House of Tesla. This upcoming game promises an immersive puzzle adventure, taking players through the intriguing events leading to the construction of Tesla’s iconic tower on Long Island.

Electrifying Gameplay and Inventive Storytelling

The game’s trailer hints at Tesla wielding a device to observe the mesmerizing flow of electricity and its impact. Brace yourself for a gaming experience filled with fresh, handcrafted puzzles, stunning locations, and innovative storytelling that involves a journey back in time.

In The House of Tesla, players will venture into the eerie and abandoned industrial buildings of Nikola Tesla’s ambitious Wardenclyffe facility. Once envisioned as a hub for shaping the future through the principles of free wireless electricity, this facility is now a mysterious and haunting landscape waiting to be explored.

Unveiling Tesla’s Vision in 2024

Scheduled for a PC (Steam) release at the end of 2024, The House of Tesla is set to provide an electrifying gaming experience. Console and mobile versions are anticipated to hit the scene in 2025, ensuring that Tesla’s visionary world reaches a broad audience. Get ready to unravel the mysteries and challenges within Tesla’s iconic realm as you embark on this thrilling adventure.