Who’s Behind It?

Developed and published by MuccyGames, this PC game landed on December 15, 2023, with a price tag of 3.99€. If you’re into card-battlers, you’re in for a treat.

The Plot Twist

You step into the shoes of Hazel Gong, a journalist-turned-detective, who, while covering a routine drill at a deserted construction site, accidentally discovers a perplexing crime scene. The narrative unfolds not just through gameplay but also via a captivating comic format, almost making it feel like an interactive graphic novel. Spend around three to five hours immersed in intriguing card mechanics and visuals that resemble flipping through an animated comic book.

The storyline? A real page-turner. Packed with suspense, twists, and emotion, the characters are beautifully designed, and their expressions add depth. Even if card games aren’t usually your jam, the narrative might just hook you. However, while the graphics and storytelling shine, the gameplay could use a bit more polishing.

Diving Deep into Gameplay

Card Detective Mechanics Unveiled: The game’s tutorial might throw a bit too much jargon your way initially. But once you get past that, it’s about mastering card types: yellow cards for quick actions, deception cards, and strategy cards that essentially pose questions. Then there are “enemy” cards, with effects that can trip you up.

To succeed, you’ll navigate a conversation, aiming to discern the truth. Your moves depend on maintaining the patience of your conversational partner. Simplified: Spot and break the deceptions, uncover clues, and decode statements. It might sound intricate, but once you dive in, the pieces start fitting together.

The Easy Way Out

Cheesing the Game: Here’s a pro-tip for the impatient: focus on actions that consume fewer points. By strategically selecting cards and prioritizing the right side of gameplay, you can breeze through levels. Though efficient, this approach might rob the game of its intended challenge and depth.

A Few Hiccups

Navigating the mission menu feels clunky, and the absence of clear saving instructions can frustrate players. Additionally, the repetitive dialogue during gameplay can feel like a broken record. Some card imbalances could also use tweaking for a smoother experience.

However, despite its flaws, at 3.99€, Card Detective offers a unique gaming experience worth exploring. With a bit more refinement, this title has the potential to truly shine. Here’s hoping for future updates that elevate its gameplay and features!