The folks over at Radical Forge, the creative minds behind games like Gang Beasts and Sea of Thieves, are at it again with their latest creation, Southfield. If you’ve ever wanted to dive into a sandbox game that’s equal parts charming and chaotic, this might just be your jam. Get ready to embark on a farmstead adventure like no other!

Bouncing Vibes on the Island of Southfield

Picture this: the enchanting Southfield, a vibrant island inviting you to let loose and embrace the bounciest vibes. Your mission? Connect with the Bud, a mysterious creature that literally sprung from the soil. It’s time to cultivate weird and wonderful crops, frolic with a bunch of entertaining toys, and challenge your friends to a rollicking race across the ever-evolving Island.

Demo Alert: Steam Next Fest in February!

Exciting news for eager players – a sneak peek awaits you! Radical Forge is set to drop a demo version during the Steam Next Fest in February. Brace yourself for a taste of the whimsy that Southfield promises to deliver.

Creating Chaos on Your Dream Farmstead

In Southfield, expect the unexpected. Mix chaotic crops with unpredictable effects, construct the farmstead of your dreams, and tinker with playful machinery. Dive into the world of fun farming automation, lend a hand to the local inhabitants, dodge those mischievous Ruffians, and dig into the mysteries surrounding the looming Monolith.

“Southfield is the result of a ton of imagination, trial and error, and downright hard work by the Radical Forge team. We aimed to craft an ambitious, goofy farming game with quirky characters in a fantastical world.”

Bruce Slater, CEO and Game Director

Multiplayer Madness and Funding Details

Feel like sharing the madness? Southfield supports solo play or co-op for up to four players. Thanks to the backing of the Private Division Development Fund, this imaginative title is in the works. While there’s no specific release date yet, keep an eye out for Southfield’s grand entrance on PC via Steam. It’s a whimsical farming escapade you won’t want to miss!