Get ready for an exciting puzzle adventure as Big Loop Studios, partnering with Snapbreak Games, is all set to drop the much-anticipated game, Boxes: Lost Fragments, on Steam come February 1st. Brace yourselves, puzzle enthusiasts, as this game promises to unveil the enigmatic secrets tucked away in a magnificent mansion, guarded by an array of mysterious puzzle boxes.

Dive into a Mysterious World

Prepare to be immersed in a captivating atmosphere filled with intricate mechanisms, stunning 3D graphics, and seamless controls that rival the best escape room games out there. Boxes: Lost Fragments invites players to navigate through five chapters, each intricately linked to different sections of the lavish mansion. As gamers, we step into the shoes of a legendary thief faced with the challenge of unlocking a series of unique puzzle boxes to secure a successful escape.

From Demo Feedback to Game Evolution

The developers, fueled by the vibrant gaming community, meticulously incorporated key feedback from those who tested the demo version on Steam. This collaborative effort led to significant expansions, the introduction of a new game mode, and the incorporation of more challenging puzzles. Boxes: Lost Fragments, the final result, not only showcases the team’s commitment but also embodies the invaluable input of their fans, ensuring a more engaging and gratifying gaming experience.

Mark your calendars because Boxes: Lost Fragments is hitting the Steam shelves on February 1st, bringing a puzzle-packed adventure to PC gamers.