Gear up for an exhilarating Stone Age survival experience as The Tribe Must Survive, developed by Walking Tree Games GmbH and published by Starbreeze Entertainment, makes its way to Steam Early Access. This Lovecraftian adventure intertwines tribe-building strategy with survival thrills and rogue-like elements, promising players a global challenge.

Fine-Tuning and Community Collaboration

For the first three months, The Tribe Must Survive will embrace the wild terrains of early access on Steam. During this period, developers will meticulously fine-tune game balance and actively engage with player feedback. The goal? To craft an enhanced and polished version of the game in the second quarter, complete with exciting new content.

Navigating the Stone Age Survival

Your mission in The Tribe Must Survive is no easy feat – it’s all about building and managing a tribe. Juggle resource gathering, construction, technology, and tribal dynamics to brave the hidden dangers lurking in the night. Survival doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all manual; each tribe presents unique strengths and challenges. Players must adapt to solve the puzzles of each tribe member’s preferences. The game’s intentional difficulty ensures that every failure becomes a stepping stone towards ultimate success.

Mark your calendars, as The Tribe Must Survive is set to launch on Steam Early Access on February 22. Get ready to dive into a Stone Age adventure where the only rule is to survive!